The good plastic company

We produce 100% environmental friendly panels from post-consumer recycled plastic. There are three reasons why our product is called good plastic: it is high quality, it is recyclable, and it has the lowest ecological footprint possible.

The Good Plastic Company is a mission-driven organization that is determined to provide a solution to the 400 million tons of plastic waste that is generated annually. Plastic waste pollutes our oceans and affects our food chain and more – this is one of humanity’s greatest challenges that we want to address.   

We believe, that by creating demand for the products made from recycled plastic we could make our input into solving this enormous problem.  

Our plastic panels can be used to create modern-looking environment-conscious furniture and interior design elements. We are also working on various large projects such as creating tribunes for the City of Amsterdam for the upcoming sport event. Our products are unique. In most instances, we create one of a kind patterns for our customers that has its unique story.  

At The Good Plastic Company, we advocate for the localized plastic recycling model that would also simplify logistics and reduce CO2 emissions in the process. We are building a zero-footprint production by utilizing wind-generated energy and having a 100% material utilization rate.  

At the moment, we are the only company of this nature that conducts manufacturing in three countries: Netherlands, UK, and Ukraine. In the near future, we are planning to expand our localized manufacturing to Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, US, and Japan. Our aspiration goal is to incorporate recycled plastic into a circular economy in as many countries as possible. With our help what someone considered to be waste can now become a beautiful part of our lives.

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