29 June 2022

A mixed reality sculpture that tells a story with our material

Ocean Rise – custom art installation by Aphra Shemza

Ocean Rise is a mixed reality sculpture by artist Aphra Shemza, made with recycled plastic panels from The Good Plastic Company. The project was commissioned by Сanary Wharf London for its Summer Lights festival and highlights the rise in sea levels due to global warming.

Pattern: Bespoke Ocean Maldives

The sculpture incorporates semi-translucent materials made from recycled plastic that reflect the problems for oceans caused by global warming. The work is accompanied by a soundscape of waves crashing on the shore.

We are proud to support the theme of sustainability in cultural activities and to communicate global challenges through our materials. Let’s collaborate!

1 July 2022

Exterior cladding for the world’s largest fast food business

Our panels are used by an internationally-renowned global food chain. The façade of the brand’s first UK net-zero carbon restaurant was clad with over 300m2 of our black and grey 100% recycled plastic panels. Patterns: Dark Knight & Pure Grey. Proof positive that our material is perfectly suited not only for interior applications but also […]