7 July 2022

Eco-conscious retail display fixtures made from Polygood panels

Beautiful and sustainable – all in one? It sounds impossible. But together with Adidas we are showing how eco-conscious materials can be a perfect match for the most stylish brands.

Adidas flagship stores – retail displays

These retail display fixtures – including shelves, stands, podiums and racks – are made from our Classic Collection patterns Timeless Duo, Dark Knight, Salt Dune and Terrazzo Nuovo. The 100% recycled plastic materials are visual proof of the brand’s sustainability commitments in practice. 

Patterns: Terrazzo Nuovo, Timeless Duo, Dark, Knight, Salt Dune

11 July 2022

Karl Lagerfeld boutique – fashion retail store fittings

While many fashion brands promote the principle of environmental sustainability through their products, they have a challenge to embed it in other areas of their operations. What is more, solutions to environmental issues should be engaging, visible, and understandable to consumers. Boutique shoppers are unlikely to read a corporate sustainability report – they need to […]