13 November 2020

Flat-pack chair made from 100% recycled plastic by Tom Robinson

EVOLVE is an elegant flat-pack chair made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. Discarded consumer electronics are cleanly crushed, granulated and then fused into strong plastic sheets, saving the petroleum resources and carbon emissions associated with using virgin plastic. These recycled sheets are then machined and handcrafted into structural furniture components Tom Robinson’s London workshop.

Robust metal Domino joints have been discreetly integrated into each of the chair’s components, meaning the end user can assemble and disassemble the chair time and time again using one simple Allen key. Thoughtful ergonomic details frame the different textural layers of this pioneering material. The chair’s weatherproof material composition means it exists comfortably in indoor and outdoor environments.

EVOLVE aims to present recycled plastic as a logical, attractive and robust material to build our future; a material that makes sense.

27 January 2021

Bella Dentro shop

This is the first Bella Dentro shop in Milan. The shop is fitted with bespoke shelves in our Green Timeless Duo pattern whose fresh green speckles provide a perfect setting for the fruits and vegetables on sale there. Bella Dentro is a project that fights the waste of fruit and vegetables in agriculture caused by overly […]