10 November 2020

Panna fields by IEGAR

In a unique collaboration of IEGAR and The Good Plastic Company, we have realized a beautiful pannafield – our first outdoor project.

The circular panna cage with water buffer made from locally recycled plastic made from old refrigerators and spools. This circular object is located in Primary school De Klepper, Luyksgestel.

This is a great example of how city sustainable goals could be implemented in real life.

Our recycled plastic panels could also be used for creating different outdoor objects as pannafields, stations, signs, benches, installations. We call municipalities to support circular mission and use recycled plastic in their upcoming projects!

13 November 2020

Flat-pack chair made from 100% recycled plastic by Tom Robinson

EVOLVE is an elegant flat-pack chair made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. Discarded consumer electronics are cleanly crushed, granulated and then fused into strong plastic sheets, saving the petroleum resources and carbon emissions associated with using virgin plastic. These recycled sheets are then machined and handcrafted into structural furniture components Tom Robinson’s London workshop. Robust metal Domino joints […]