17 June 2022

Recycled plastic ocean waves at Monaco Ocean Week

Jeweller @repossi presents its collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Making waves in Monaco – luxury retail display

Repossi unveiled its new charity ring during #MonacoOceanWeek – an annual event that unites international experts in discussing key aspects of ocean conservation. Good Plastic panels made out of recycled plastic and shaped like ocean waves were used to create the original and eye-catching display.

Pattern: Maldives 

Our mission is to help to recycle plastic so that it does not end up in the marine environment, landfill, or incinerators.

27 June 2022

Making a difference in retail design

While in Europe usage of recycled plastic in interior design has become a norm, other regions are just starting their sustainability transformation. We are happy to introduce the first project in the UAE made with Polygood panels. The Make a Difference (MAD) store in Dubai Mall features our material everywhere: tables, shelves, stands for mannequins, […]