11 February 2021

Create the right impression

Brands all round the world are implementing circular economy business models, driven by regulation and market demand. Their suppliers – such as design and fit-out companies – are subjected to rigorous due diligence processes that pay increasing attention to their environmental, social and governance policies, the origin of materials, and working conditions. This sustainability transformation is a game-changer for all companies in the supply chain.

Brands need a tangible way to demonstrate shared values to their customers and enhance brand affinity.

Press releases and financial report disclosures are not enough to communicate environmental credentials. Brands need a tangible way to demonstrate shared values to their customers and enhance brand affinity. Help them make a powerful impression by incorporating recycled materials into your retail and commercial interior implementations.

Accents made from our Good Plastic panels reduce the need for virgin materials and cast your customers’ story in a sustainable light. Wall panels and shelving, retail counters and displays, signage and storage: each corner shop, retail outlet or department store can give new life to the equivalent of 20,000 computer mice or 10,000 shampoo bottles. Rolling a design out to five locations could save an elephant’s weight in plastic!

Our materials’ sustainable advantages are equalled by their aesthetics. And for an exclusive touch, The Good Plastic Company can create a bespoke pattern that matches any brand palette.

If you and your clients struggle to find novel and practical sustainable materials, let The Good Plastic Company help to fill the gap in your proposals.

24 March 2021

Norway: a new distributor

Say hello to the home of stylish furniture and the hygge lifestyle! Please welcome our new distributor in Norway: Cutfab and Norwegian Trash. We are taking further steps to scale up globally and increase our impact by building a strong regional network. Norway, let’s work together to implement recycled material in interior designs and make […]