3 December 2020

Good Plastic Things

Here is our Christmas present to everyone who is inspired by items made from sustainable materials: we are proud to introduce our new project, Good Plastic Things.

Good Plastic Things is dedicated to providing product and industrial design and fabrication services to its clients. The initiative has a focus on the quality, functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics of products for the circular economy. We have built a fabrication facility where we test, develop and manufacture products made from our Good Plastic panels, equipped with a metal workshop, wood workshop, CNC router and other tools necessary to develop market-ready products and fabricate them with the highest quality. And most importantly, our team consists of highly skilled workers and genius designers and engineers with deep specialist knowledge of working with plastic.

Recycled plastic is a new type of material with its own distinctive properties. Our accumulated expertise in working with our materials will provide you with a convenient and cost-effective solution.While we greatly enjoy making items from our panels, Good Plastic Things has a dedicated team in order to ensure that the focus of The Good Plastic Company’s main business remains on developing novel sustainable materials and serving industrial-scale projects that deliver applications for large volumes of recycled plastic.

Welcome Good Plastic Things – and stay tuned for more new projects from The Good Plastic Company! Our managers will be happy to advise you on how we can help you to realise your projects. Contact us any time to discuss your requirements.

10 December 2020

New materials: glass-filled Polyamide

A unique opportunity presented itself to experiment with space-age technology. Glass-filled polyamide (PA) is a polymer composite with a high melting temperature that we have successfully transformed into a phenomenal recycled material. This post continues our series of articles dedicated to the new materials that we can recycle with our technology. Our advanced machinery enables […]