18 June 2020

Isola goes digital: public talk

Recently we were featured as a Material Designer in Isola Design District.

We were giving an online talk on the topic ‘Sustainable material: the challenge for architects and furniture designers’. We spoke about the sustainability cost-benefit analysis for using sustainable materials such as our recycled plastic panels for your product. 

Sustainability is no longer just a trend: it is an urgent necessity. An increasing number of companies are transforming themselves, changing their approaches in order to be more sustainable.

There is a wide choice of virgin and recycled materials that can be used for furniture production and interiors. Is the market ready to switch to better new materials? Are companies and their clients ready to pay for sustainability? How do you balance the tension between being eco-friendly and decreasing the costs of production?

Speakers: CEO Dr William Chizhovsky and Head of Product Design Grisha Zotov, The Good Plastic Company.

11 June 2020

Next generation Good Plastic press

Introducing our next generation Good Plastic press, our most powerful and advanced technology yet in a stylish new design. Perhaps we should call it the Cyberpress? Shh, don’t tell Elon! In addition to being our best machinery yet, it also looks great and will raise our productivity even further. Our engineers are providing us with […]