24 December 2020

New materials: Ocean Plastic

One more gift for Christmas: recycled ocean plastic, in collaboration with Norwegian Trash and Cutfab.

These days we will all be familiar with several organisations that help to solve the plastic waste problem by collecting plastic from coastlines, sea-bound waterways, and oceans. However, until now the technology has been missing that allows it to be recycled in large quantities into useful new items. As a result, much of this so-called ocean plastic ends up in landfills or incinerators again, or is only partially recycled into small new items. While these organisations’ hard work helps to clean up our oceans and beaches, their ability to make a great impact is limited, and their efforts feel like a Sisyphean labour.

We want to share with you a disruptive breakthrough: we can now recycle ocean plastic in industrial-scale quantities into new products. Our wish is to equip and encourage the interior design and furniture industries to use recycled and recyclable materials in order to grow the list of applications for meaningful volumes of ocean plastic: stylish design combined with a social responsibility theme. Could you ever dream about obtaining such high quality materials from ocean plastic? Previously discarded bottles, toothbrushes, plastic packaging and bags finally have a feasible second life. All products made from these materials, such as as tables, shelves, wall panelling and other interior and exterior design elements, are durable and extend the economic life of this precious material indefinitely, in contrast to the limited or single-use lifespan of the original discarded products.

Make an impact – give a new life to ocean plastic!

11 January 2021

Dezeen feature: Tom Robinson’s Evolve Chair

London designer Tom Robinson’s Evolve Chair – made with Good Plastic panels from e-waste sources such as laptops and computer keyboards – is the subject of a Dezeen profile. Tom praises the organic-like texture of The Good Plastic Company’s Dark Knight pattern. Read about it here: https://www.dezeen.com/2021/01/10/tom-robinson-evolve-chair-recycled-plastic-discarded-laptops/?fbclid=IwAR3A9QfnOlUv-D8s-iSR320V94jwT8sH02U9zNfvTR_XFIm3DJfHFkHlXL8