26 November 2020

New materials: Polyurethane

R&D and technical advances are central to The Good Plastic Company’s mission. Driven by the desire to make ever greater impact, we research the possibility of recycling other materials besides plastics. Widening the range of materials we can process enables us to utilise waste streams from additional industries and gives us the opportunity to work with more partners. This is the first of a series of articles dedicated to new materials that we are putting into production.

The first is polyurethane. Polyurethane (PU) is widely used in the footwear and apparel industries due to its price and durability, but as a petroleum-based material it is not eco-friendly despite being highly practical. PU-coated fabrics are durable while remaining soft, light and breathable. PU foam is used for padding, cushioning, and footwear midsoles and outer soles.

We have taken the first steps to recycle polyurethane left over from apparel production to create pressed sheets. The apparel sector is one of the world’s most polluting industries, partly due to disposable trends that lead to a lot of unnecessary waste. Globally, just 12% of material used by the industry ends up being recycled (BBC).

Our goal is to help increase this percentage – not by entering the fashion business, but by giving materials a new and different life. Apparel brands that want to recycle their polyurethane can incorporate our sheets into their retail spaces to demonstrate a practical commitment to sustainability.

Our recycled polyurethane sheets can be used as flooring materials for playgrounds or as carpet tiles. They can also be used as wall panelling and skirting, as a decorative feature in offices or sport clubs, and as a surface material in stores and on retail displays.

3 December 2020

Good Plastic Things

Here is our Christmas present to everyone who is inspired by items made from sustainable materials: we are proud to introduce our new project, Good Plastic Things. Good Plastic Things is dedicated to providing product and industrial design and fabrication services to its clients. The initiative has a focus on the quality, functionality, ergonomics, and […]