4 December 2020

Coffee tables by Diotis Company

Perfect gloss recycled plastic. Can a surface be inspirational? We say “absolutely!” after seeing the stunning results of our partner Diotis Company’s post-production work on our panels. We are pleased to share with you the launch of Diotis Company‘s web site where you can buy coffee tables made with our recycled plastic sheets. It is good to see how a great use of our materials can create an amazing end product.

You can find tabletops featuring our Salt Dune, Dark Knight, Coral Reef, Juicy Lollipop and Maldives patterns.

27 January 2021

Bella Dentro shop

This is the first Bella Dentro shop in Milan. The shop is fitted with bespoke shelves in our Green Timeless Duo pattern whose fresh green speckles provide a perfect setting for the fruits and vegetables on sale there. Bella Dentro is a project that fights the waste of fruit and vegetables in agriculture caused by overly […]