13 November 2019

Good Plastic clothes hangers

“In a world already drowning in plastic, single-use hangers aren’t helping.”

Good Plastic clothes hangers are:

  • 100% recycled & recyclable
  • Distinctive
  • Sturdy and re-usable
  • Metal-free, single material composition
  • Customisable & brandable
  • A visible commitment to the circular economy

Current plastic hangers are hard to recycle because of how they are made.

They can include a combination of up to seven different plastics as well as metal, and many hangers end up in landfill where they can take up to 1,000 years to break down, according to hanger recycling company First Mile.

  • 1.5 billion hangers are used in the fashion and apparel industry annually (Source: Mainetti)
  • 100 million hangers are sent to landfill each year in the UK (Source: First Mile)
  • 1,000 years: it can take this long for plastic to decompose (Source: First Mile)
10 February 2020

Ukrainian Fashion Week ’20-21

We recently had the honour of being official partners of the country’s flagship fashion event: Ukrainian Fashion Week ’20-21. Our Good Plastic Tables were featured in the lounge area. The Be Sustainable summit within UFW demonstrated that Ukraine still has a long way to go in developing its circular economy and integrating sustainability into business practices. […]