16 April 2020

Homint – circular furniture

Interior trends are moving fast, so interior concepts are subject to change. The average turnaround time for a catering interior is high. Sometimes the interior is completely renewed after five years. Quite a shame when you consider that old furniture ends up in the skip. By working with materials that can be reused endlessly, an interior concept suddenly becomes a lot more future-proof and more sustainable. Tired of your old plastic chairs? Then make new table tops. 

Buying everything new is no longer necessary

Homint interior designer Nathalie van der Vegt

Sustainability not only plays an important role on the menu, a ‘green interior’ is also increasingly a given. “The interior of the future is circular. The use of recyclable materials is a thriving market. In addition, developments and innovations are moving fast,” says Nathalie, Homint interior designer. Circularity and sustainable interior concepts will become even more standard in the future. 

Circular furniture is endlessly reusable. The furniture is made from recycled material that can then be remanufactured again. Old plastic furniture is pulverized into small blocks that are pressed under high pressure into table tops. Your old furniture can often be (partly) recycled. Materials and parts that are still in good condition are used in the production of new furniture. Do you have no old furniture to recycle? Then as much use as possible is made of residual materials.

Original text taken from: https://www.homint.nl/inspiratieblog/het-interieur-van-de-toekomst-is-circulair?fbclid=IwAR3hTpOwEUW3a8fKMjDXEJ97voY76uHhrapDOnTADvLZEBI6StTySo3fNgA