14 February 2021

Lighting installation with Good Plastic panels

Insurance firm Onderlinge ‘s-Gravenhage celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2020. In honour of this significant landmark, it asked our partner Better Future Factory to design a unique facade and light installation. The resulting work of art, “Timeline”, has featured on the side wall of its offices in The Hague since Christmas last year.

“Timeline” consists of 125 panels symbolising the years of the anniversary. A number of events and milestones are highlighted with accompanying messages. Our fully recycled plastic panels made from old retail displays are an integral part of the installation.

Unique facade and light installation “Timeline” designed by Better Future Factory.

27 January 2021

Bella Dentro shop

This is the first Bella Dentro shop in Milan. The shop is fitted with bespoke shelves in our Green Timeless Duo pattern whose fresh green speckles provide a perfect setting for the fruits and vegetables on sale there. Bella Dentro is a project that fights the waste of fruit and vegetables in agriculture caused by overly […]