2 September 2020

Trash Holes from E-waste Arcades

Did you hear that recently the U.S. Plastic Pact was signed by 60+ brands, retailers, government agencies, and NGOs? It is a sign that the problem of plastic waste continues to be one of the top problems of our generation, impacting more people and institutions.

We believe that it is vital to support initiatives that try to deal with waste. These Trash Holes from E-waste Arcades are interactive container lids that make any bin into a game. The bins play sound effects when waste is thrown into them, making sorting and recycling waste simple and fun. The body is made from recycled plastic sheets (polyethylene + polypropylene) manufactured at The Good Plastic Company. 

Photos by Tom Doms

15 September 2020

ELLE collaboration

Today our distinctive recycled plastic panels provide the backdrop for an ELLE magazine photoshoot. Tomorrow they could form the setting for your daily routine in your kitchen or your bathroom. A mix of fresh fashion trends and stylish eco-friendly design elements. Photographer: Nicky Onderwater Stylist: Esther Coopolse Set Design: Doru Loboka