10 February 2020

Ukrainian Fashion Week ’20-21

We recently had the honour of being official partners of the country’s flagship fashion event: Ukrainian Fashion Week ’20-21. Our Good Plastic Tables were featured in the lounge area.

The Be Sustainable summit within UFW demonstrated that Ukraine still has a long way to go in developing its circular economy and integrating sustainability into business practices. However, we are really encouraged to see that awareness of Sustainability and it is not just a passing fad.

Some facts and figures from Change Agency Responsible Future:

Fashion and apparel is the third most polluting industry in the world, after Oil & Gas and Agriculture
$2.4 trillion of fashion goods are produced around the world: our clothes, favourite bags and beautiful shoes
8-10% of greenhouse emissions are produced annually by the fashion and apparel industry
20% of polluted wastewater comes from this industry
$500 billion is wasted annually due to lack of awareness of the benefits of the #CircularEconomy

The Good Plastic Company is ready to do its part in reducing these harms!

16 April 2020

Homint – circular furniture

Interior trends are moving fast, so interior concepts are subject to change. The average turnaround time for a catering interior is high. Sometimes the interior is completely renewed after five years. Quite a shame when you consider that old furniture ends up in the skip. By working with materials that can be reused endlessly, an interior concept suddenly becomes […]