The Good Plastic Company

We are the global manufacturer of sustainable materials made from 100% recycled plastic. 

Helping companies do good

We transform significant amounts of the world’s plastic waste into Polygood® panels, a beautiful surface material used by companies committed to using conscious materials for interior and exterior design elements. We also help companies reuse their own plastic waste into useful and long-lasting materials.  

Get to know our flagship product

Polygood® is a sustainable surface material not only made from 100% recycled plastic. It is 100% recyclable and made using low-carbon processes. Learn more about how Polygood® suits your design project and order samples.

What we do best

We are not just sustainable manufacturers. We are stewards of the environment. This is our commitment to a closed waste loop and a future that will one day be free of plastic waste. 

Producing sustainable materials from recycled plastic is just the beginning. Our team of engineers perfected the art of making a durable, beautiful material from recycled plastic by creating unique machinery and processes in-house.

Our presses and CNC machines are therefore unlike anything else in the world. They give us the ability to scale production for an abundant, consistent supply of Polygood® and other sustainable materials — and prevent tonnes of plastic waste annually from going to incinerators or our environment.

Our research and development is constantly creating new ways to use various plastic waste streams for new products and use cases. And at the end of every recycled panel’s useful life, we take it back for free, to make new panels for future projects.