Our Mission

The Good Plastic Company is a mission-driven organisation that is determined to contribute to solving the problem of the 400 million tonnes of plastic waste that are generated annually. Plastic waste pollutes our oceans and affects our food chain and more; we want to address one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

Our aspirational goal is to incorporate recycled plastic into the circular economy in as many countries as possible. With our help, what was once considered waste can now become a beautiful part of our lives.


Our unique technology enables us to re-use up to 70% of existing types of plastic. We use post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste to create fascinatingly designed materials.

1m2 = 4,000 single-use forks

We produce environmentally friendly panels from recycled plastic. Each panel is made from a single type of plastic so it can be easily recycled, extending its use in the circular economy indefinitely.

The panels have a standard size of 1x1m and thickness ranging from 5mm to 40mm. As for the surface look, Good Plastic panels have glossy, semi-glossy and matte finishes depending on the pattern.

28 July 2020

We are hiring! Financial Controller (UA)

We are growing! We are offering an opportunity to join a small but growing international company that contributes to solving the problem of plastic waste. We are looking for a Financial Controller to work for our holding company and several group operating companies. Main responsibilities: Financial control Payments on behalf of group operating companies Invoicing, […]

18 June 2020

Isola goes digital: public talk

Recently we were featured as a Material Designer in Isola Design District. We were giving an online talk on the topic ‘Sustainable material: the challenge for architects and furniture designers’. We spoke about the sustainability cost-benefit analysis for using sustainable materials such as our recycled plastic panels for your product.  Sustainability is no longer just a trend: it is […]


Plastic is a very convenient material, but the qualities that make it suitable for applications such as packaging conflict with how it is used. 40% of plastic produced today is single-use, with a useful lifespan of just a few hours or days, but it takes hundreds of years to degrade after being discarded. We have to fundamentally rethink this throw-away culture.


of plastic has been re-used to date by The Good Plastic Company


current annual panel production capacity


of existing types of plastic can be remanufactured using our equipment

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