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10 September 2020

The Student Hotel

We are delighted to share with you this incredible project made in collaboration with The Invisible Party and Fiction Factory for The Student Hotel – three companies working together united by a single brand value of sustainability. More than 100 bespoke Good Plastic sheets from recycled plastic waste were used to create this environmentally conscious, innovative […]

2 September 2020

Trash Holes from E-waste Arcades

Did you hear that recently the U.S. Plastic Pact was signed by 60+ brands, retailers, government agencies, and NGOs? It is a sign that the problem of plastic waste continues to be one of the top problems of our generation, impacting more people and institutions. We believe that it is vital to support initiatives that […]

30 July 2020

Waste Dock by Walter Wallet

An amazing project – Waste Dock – a wireless phone charger made from 100% recycled and recyclable Good Plastic panels by Walter Wallet. Each Waste Dock has its own unique pattern. There are three pattern options. The first pattern is our Juicy Lollipop panel which is made from single-use colourful cutlery. The two other patterns are Timeless Duo and Reverse Timeless Duo, […]

28 July 2020

Another beautiful new work of art!

This piece is made entirely of offcuts and waste from our plastic manufacturing process. The plastic material used to be toys, household electronics (such as keyboards and computer mice), single use plastic cutlery, spools and old fridges! We can produce such panels for you on demand to pay tribute to the circular economy and help […]

28 July 2020

We are hiring! Financial Controller (UA)

We are growing! We are offering an opportunity to join a small but growing international company that contributes to solving the problem of plastic waste. We are looking for a Financial Controller to work for our holding company and several group operating companies. Main responsibilities: Financial control Payments on behalf of group operating companies Invoicing, […]

15 July 2020

Wall-mounted folding table

Great application of bespoke Timeless Duo with white, grey and black dots. Wall-mounted folding table made of old refrigerators and keyboards for a limited space flats and terraces. It’s a practical solution for creating a workspace just when you need it. The table is made entirely from recycled and recyclable plastic panels. A range of […]

6 July 2020

Impact Acoustic collaboration: Coral Reef

A fascinating collaboration between two mission driven companies: The Good Plastic Company and Swiss company Impact Acoustic.  We have performed a feasibility test with recycled PET plastic from Impact Acoustic, originally used for creating high-quality acoustic treatments such as baffles, ceiling panels, lighting, wall cladding, screens and desktop partitions. The result, Coral Reef, is an incredible bespoke […]

18 June 2020

Isola goes digital: public talk

Recently we were featured as a Material Designer in Isola Design District. We were giving an online talk on the topic ‘Sustainable material: the challenge for architects and furniture designers’. We spoke about the sustainability cost-benefit analysis for using sustainable materials such as our recycled plastic panels for your product.  Sustainability is no longer just a trend: it is […]

12 June 2020

Salt Dune windowsill by Nick Verhagen

The applications for our material continue to expand. We are happy to share with you our amazing Salt Dune pattern used by Nick Verhagen to create this stunning windowsill.

11 June 2020

Next generation Good Plastic press

Introducing our next generation Good Plastic press, our most powerful and advanced technology yet in a stylish new design. Perhaps we should call it the Cyberpress? Shh, don’t tell Elon! In addition to being our best machinery yet, it also looks great and will raise our productivity even further. Our engineers are providing us with […]

10 June 2020

New location: Australia

Our ‘think globally, act locally’ strategy in action: we are delighted to announce the opening of a new location – Australia! Now our beautiful panels will embellish the designs of Australian designers, architects and furniture producers. It is a big step forward for us and we are working on expanding to other countries to establish local manufacturing and lower our […]

28 May 2020

Good Plastic folding tables

Working from home requires a convenient and flexible desk space. Our ingeniously designed Good Plastic folding tables have been created to make your workspace as stylish as it is practical. Tables in a variety of colours made from recycled plastic are both sustainable and durable. Their elegant design will integrate well into any interior design, adding […]

21 May 2020

New panel dimension of 1000x2000mm

We are proud to present our new panel dimension of 1000x2000mm, the result of our continuing R&D successes. You can now use our panels for a broader range of applications such as making long dining tables, cladding walls and facades, and making dividers. Good Plastic panels are also now suitable for making tall furniture such […]

17 April 2020

Good Plastic Presses Receive CE Mark

We are delighted to announce that our new proprietary line of manufacturing equipment has been officially certified by an European Union-approved agency and now bears the CE Mark. […]

16 April 2020

Homint – circular furniture

Interior trends are moving fast, so interior concepts are subject to change. The average turnaround time for a catering interior is high. Sometimes the interior is completely renewed after five years. Quite a shame when you consider that old furniture ends up in the skip. By working with materials that can be reused endlessly, an interior concept suddenly becomes […]

16 March 2020

COVID-19: a letter from The Good Plastic Company

In this strange times we understand how it is important to support our partners and clients. We do our best to keep all recommendations to cope with COVID-19 virus. This times we need to stay strong and support each other. It’s important to adapt to changing circumstances in order to survive and continue developing.

10 February 2020

Ukrainian Fashion Week ’20-21

We recently had the honour of being official partners of the country’s flagship fashion event: Ukrainian Fashion Week ’20-21. Our Good Plastic Tables were featured in the lounge area. The Be Sustainable summit within UFW demonstrated that Ukraine still has a long way to go in developing its circular economy and integrating sustainability into business practices. […]

13 November 2019

Good Plastic clothes hangers

“In a world already drowning in plastic, single-use hangers aren’t helping.” Good Plastic clothes hangers are: 100% recycled & recyclable Distinctive Sturdy and re-usable Metal-free, single material composition Customisable & brandable A visible commitment to the circular economy Current plastic hangers are hard to recycle because of how they are made. They can include a combination […]