Polygood: a visible
commitment to sustainability

Polygood is a distinctive surface material made by The Good Plastic Company from 100% recycled plastic.

Polygood panels

The sustainable advantages of this material are equalled by its aesthetics. Each pattern has its own unique back-story. Polygood panels are produced from a wide range of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste sources, from refrigerators to single-use cutlery, electronics and industrial consumables.

Wall panels and shelving, retail counters and displays, signage and storage: each store, hotel reception or office space can give new life to up to 5-10 tonnes of recycled plastic – the perfect combination of style and sustainability.


Truly sustainable

100% recycled and 100% recyclable, with a take-back and remanufacturing programme


Upcycling approach

Made from a single type of plastic to ensure circularity


Largest panel size available on the market

Our standard panel size is 1400x2800mm, and we can deliver oversized panels that reach 4m2


Available in industrial volumes

We can supply projects requiring hundreds of square metres of material


Lead time

Large stock of standard patterns maintained, or made to order in 2-3 weeks


Superior quality

Made from hard plastics with high stiffness, Polygood panels are durable, waterproof, and hygienic


Easy to work with

Can be CNC routed, polished, sanded, thermoformed, drilled, glued etc.


Cutting service

Based on your requirements

11 July 2022

Karl Lagerfeld boutique – fashion retail store fittings

While many fashion brands promote the principle of environmental sustainability through their products, they have a challenge to embed it in other areas of their operations. What is more, solutions to environmental issues should be engaging, visible, and understandable to consumers. Boutique shoppers are unlikely to read a corporate sustainability report – they need to […]

7 July 2022

Eco-conscious retail display fixtures made from Polygood panels

Beautiful and sustainable – all in one? It sounds impossible. But together with Adidas we are showing how eco-conscious materials can be a perfect match for the most stylish brands. These retail display fixtures – including shelves, stands, podiums and racks – are made from our Classic Collection patterns Timeless Duo, Dark Knight, Salt Dune […]

6 July 2022

A sustainable office solution: light fittings made from recycled plastic

Ledsten Arkitektur, in collaboration with our Norwegian distribution partner Norwegian Trash, created “Alaplast”: an installation of 60 ceiling lights made specially for the interior of ABG SC in the VIA building in Oslo, Norway. This is a stunning application that demonstrates the possibilities of realising a project that is both sustainable and beautiful, adding a […]


Our production facilities are located in Europe

Netherlands, Almere
Ukraine, Chernivtsi

In addition to its technological advantages, the efficiency of our equipment and its pragmatic design mean that we can scale up globally in a more nimble way than traditional manufacturers. Vertical integration and constant investment in R&D ensure that we stay ahead of the curve and produce the highest quality products.


of plastic has been re-used to date by The Good Plastic Company


current annual production capacity


of CO2 is emitted during our production process

Where do you source your recycled plastic raw material?

We partner with large recycling centres all over Europe that collect and sort plastics in order to ensure a high-quality and reliable supply of material. They work both with post-consumer and post-industrial plastics. We and our suppliers have procedures to ensure that we can guarantee the composition of our products to our clients. Because our suppliers are large-scale recyclers, we have the opportunity to produce our products consistently over time and in high volumes.

Where are your factories?

We have two factories: in the Netherlands and Ukraine. In Ukraine we have a big hub that produces our largest panels in high volumes, while in the Netherlands we conduct R&D and produce our smaller panels. We are able to produce more than 1,000 tonnes of recycled plastic panels per year, meeting industrial-scale demand.

What types of clients do you work with?

We work with many types of client, including designers and architects, fabricators, and commercial customers. Among our clients are dozens of global brands in retail, hospitality, and food service, with projects ranging from one-off boutiques through to international multi-site installations. Our panels are used in variety of projects to create distinctive, sustainable furniture and interior/exterior design elements including fixtures, wall cladding and displays, shelves, stands, frames and much more. In addition to retail and hospitality applications, our material features in many other environments such as offices, universities and public spaces.

Can you supply in high volumes for global roll-out projects?

We are currently able to supply materials for 200-500m2 projects within 2-3 weeks. We continue to increase our production capacity in line with growing demand for sustainable materials. Our in-house designed and produced manufacturing equipment enables us to scale up to continue to provide flexible short lead times.