6 July 2020

Impact Acoustic collaboration: Coral Reef

A fascinating collaboration between two mission driven companies: The Good Plastic Company and Swiss company Impact Acoustic

We have performed a feasibility test with recycled PET plastic from Impact Acoustic, originally used for creating high-quality acoustic treatments such as baffles, ceiling panels, lighting, wall cladding, screens and desktop partitions.

The result, Coral Reef, is an incredible bespoke pattern that reflects the environmental and social aspects of our companies’ activities, and that can be further recycled at the end of its economic life. The constituent materials are a coral pink PET that could otherwise contaminate our oceans and a lagoon-blue PS plastic whose translucent beauty resembles calm sea waters. Together, they represent the underwater ecosystem that we want to protect from pollution by re-using post-industrial waste. 

Our panels can be used to create modern-looking furniture and design elements that uniquely combine beautiful design, excellent functionality and a sustainable approach.

15 July 2020

Wall-mounted folding table

Great application of bespoke Timeless Duo with white, grey and black dots by Good Plastic Things. Wall-mounted folding table made of old refrigerators and keyboards for a limited space flats and terraces. It’s a practical solution for creating a workspace just when you need it. The table is made entirely from recycled and recyclable plastic […]