11 July 2022

Karl Lagerfeld boutique – fashion retail store fittings

A unique custom pattern for a legendary fashion brand

While many fashion brands promote the principle of environmental sustainability through their products, they have a challenge to embed it in other areas of their operations. What is more, solutions to environmental issues should be engaging, visible, and understandable to consumers. Boutique shoppers are unlikely to read a corporate sustainability report – they need to see something more tangible.

Set the right fashion-forward tone and complement your brand identity with a unique recycled plastic panel design.

Bespoke patterns are ideal if you are passionate about creating the perfect shopping atmosphere with an eco-friendly vibe.

Pattern: ‘Karl’ (bespoke).

Store location: Netherlands.

25 October 2022

Polygood for eyewear brand Jimmy Fairly

The eco-conscious French eyewear brand Jimmy Fairly knows a real deal about recycling. All of their new stores in Paris feature a unique Polygood pattern called Mix, which was created especially for them. This unique pattern contains cutoffs from Polygood panels, which have been completely utilized thanks to this initiative! There are remnants of refrigerators, […]