25 October 2022

Polygood for eyewear brand Jimmy Fairly

A unique custom pattern for eyewear brand

The eco-conscious French eyewear brand Jimmy Fairly knows a real deal about recycling. All of their new stores in Paris feature a unique Polygood pattern called Mix, which was created especially for them. This unique pattern contains cutoffs from Polygood panels, which have been completely utilized thanks to this initiative! There are remnants of refrigerators, TV parts, kitchen appliances, keyboards, mice, and even spools!

Mirror frames, coasters, desks, and tables in the store have now gained new meaning and impact. We are happy to have brought such an inspiring project to life with the Jimmy Fairly and Module Care teams.

Pattern: ‘Jimmy Fairly’ (bespoke).

Store location: Paris, France

25 October 2022

Earth-friendly style: Foot Locker store on the Champs-Elysées, Paris

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