5 February 2021

New materials that incorporate disposed face masks

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a rush for plastic. In addition to the impact on public health and the economy, the response to COVID-19 has led to a great increase in our plastic footprint. Total production of masks in China exceeded 100 billion in 2020, according to a report by Chinese consultancy iiMedia Research. Face masks and shields may protect us, but they can be a huge problem for the environment.

At The Good Plastic Company, we want to draw attention to this problem and also offer a practical solution. Our technology enables us to create new materials that incorporate disposed face masks. Our high-temperature process kills viruses and keeps masks from littering the environment and contributing to microplastic pollution. We have worked in collaboration with our friends at Interall Group to create a bespoke pattern that gives new life to waste and turns it into a symbol of hope for 2021.