10 December 2020

New materials: glass-filled Polyamide

A unique opportunity presented itself to experiment with space-age technology. Glass-filled polyamide (PA) is a polymer composite with a high melting temperature that we have successfully transformed into a phenomenal recycled material. This post continues our series of articles dedicated to the new materials that we can recycle with our technology.

Our advanced machinery enables us to increase moulding temperature up to 380 degrees, and working with this material required us to attain a temperature of 350 degrees. We are delighted at this R&D breakthrough, made possible thanks to our talented engineers.

The end result: this meteorite-like surface that is a distinctive feature of recycled PA.

PA is an engineering composite that is strong, rigid and tough, and has low friction to metal. 

24 December 2020

New materials: Ocean Plastic

One more gift for Christmas: recycled ocean plastic, in collaboration with Norwegian Trash and Cutfab. These days we will all be familiar with several organisations that help to solve the plastic waste problem by collecting plastic from coastlines, sea-bound waterways, and oceans. However, until now the technology has been missing that allows it to be […]